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Somewhere between Erykha Badu’s unique persona to Beyoncé’s loud independent presence, Zhane (Jā-né) has found her style. Her portfolio spans ballet, contemporary, jazz, urban and hip hop, which will remain her favourite due to the variety of music it accommodates.
“Dance for me is a lifestyle,” she explains, “Just as breathing, it happens without a conscious effort.” Being a dancer has also trained her ear to the extent where she hears beats and melodies in the most unexpected places. On the train, announcements such as, “The next stop is…” irrespective of the destination, is music to Zhane’s ears.
We were eager to hear Zhane’s view on the debate about dance. Is it art or sport? “Art” she proclaims without hesitation.Sport is logic and measureable. Dance is synonymous with creation. Choreography, music, artistic direction is much more than sport.
Her approach to dance however goes beyond this debate. For Zhane dance is passion. Her dance and life moto: create, inspire and disrupt, made perfect sense to us when she explained.
It begins with creation of movement, but it takes planning to bring those creations to life. Inspiration for Zhane works both ways; she can be inspired by her audience but aims to inspire others. Finally, although disrupt may sound negative, it is all about bending the rules to breaking point but never to destruction. For Zhane it is important to have an audience that can relate to her but equally she never wants to stop being true to herself; especially in the modern environment of mass communication where temptation to adjust to a market is everywhere.
Although Zhane’s career is only beginning, she is as confident to teach a class of 5 or 50.
Zhane performs every quarter as part of her curriculum; she has competitions lined up such as the street dance XXL in Wembley in July 2016 or the International competition in August in Las Vegas. Watch this space!

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