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If you attend one of Pedro’s spin classes you will have no choice but to become a regular. At 6.15 am, the 30 bike studio is full. The only predictable part of this class is that it will be different to any you’ve attended before. When we discovered more about him there was no doubt he would feature as a top trainer. We picked our top 10 facts.
1. A New Day, a New Class: Pedro adds different ingredients to his classes (6 days a week). This takes an incredible amount of planning for the routine, the music, and research.
2. International inspiration: Pedro has gathered fitness influences from Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, New Zealand, Paris and now Cambridge.
3. Martial Arts athlete with experience as a physical trainer.
4. His classes range from: Body Pump, Spin, RPM, Les Mills, Body Balance to Kettlebell.
5. Artistic gymnast
6. Winner of several titles as Triathlon champion
7. Manages to balance his passion with life (husband and father)
8. Great tastes in music: guaranteed to keep you going when your body has given up
9. Teacher of nutrition course for athletes and expert in hypertrophy.
10. On vacation, the hardest workout he will commit to is “lifting his fork!”
For each of those facts we could write an essay and it still wouldn’t do him justice.

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