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Once upon a time, Michael played football (soccer) semi-professionally. This is what fuelled his passion to improve and optimize body mechanics. He pursued the path of health and fitness and went on to further his education, primarily to teach others improve their goals.
OTT: What do you aim to achieve in your first meeting with a new client?
Michael (M.): What do they want to achieve? What is there experience of health and fitness? What are their perceived obstacles? And what does their nutrition entail (without this key component you can forget ever fitting or maintaining the mould you want)? Once I find out the answer to these questions I am then able to create a bespoke program in which both, my client and I agree the achievable goals, target, work load.. It leaves us with a very transparent and honest way of viewing how we go about on a day to day basis, achieving our goals. Work smart, Work HARD.

OTT: What does being a Personal Trainer mean to you?
M: Personal training for me is all about the relationship I have with my client. It’s essential to build a relationship because for the hour or two I spend with my client, It is the 22 hours apart that become deciding factors. Therefore I would class myself as a lifestyle coach also because it is in this role I take it upon myself to install habits, methods and discipline into my clients’ lifestyle that will enable them to maintain their transformation in the long run.
For me to be personal I find it key to get the balance right. not to be intrusive but to understand my client so that we find out what makes them ‘tick’ to be able to motivate, inspire and challenge them and also what they require from me to be able to attain there goals.

OTT: What are your areas of expertise?
M: I specialize in fat loss and functional movement improvement. In other words, I help you to move freely, fluidly, pain free whilst improving your strength and flexibility for life’s day to day hustle and bustle.

Michael currently teaches a series of seriously fun, fat torching, figure sculpting high intensity fitness classes based in East London, Shoreditch for a Mixed Group of all ages tailored to a diversity of fitness levels. He guarantees to leave you feeling and looking better after every session.DSC_3890-Michael-warm-upPNG

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