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From the first encounter, Mia projects a bubbly, spontaneous and cheerful energy. It is no surprise her preferred exercises are dynamic and high speed. Don’t be fooled by Mia’s smile. She conducts some of the toughest boot camps and makes 100kg deadlift look easy.

Inspired by military drills, her training style features a mix of resistance and high impact training; and always has a functional aspect. She uses sandbags, TRX, skipping rope, and most importantly body weight.
Mia believes in training smart and brings a creative take on well-established fitness classics. She advocates result over excuses. She will literally train anywhere with the most basic equipment in the most improbable circumstances.
To demonstrate the style of workouts she enjoys most, she introduced us to the plank flip flop with straight leg raises, plank backward kicks. If it sounds complicated, that’s because it is but Mia manages to make it look effortless. This explains her nickname of ninja.

When Mia is not training, you will find her wandering around art galleries, either as a guest or an exhibitor. She is a contemporary artist with a penchant for figurative female forms expressed through dark humour.

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