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Our very first interview was with Marcel, a good friend who is known for his GRIT Class. This is a high intensity group class in short bursts with rapid recovery. It wasn’t until we had a one on one session with him that his meticulousness stood out.
Throughout the session Marcel was very observant and strict with technique. He would highlight and correct what would appear trivial to most. It was obvious Safety is his forte.
Marcel would argue that safety needs to feature more centrally in our fitness and not only after an injury.
Tough training goals may tempt us to take shortcuts. This is why Marcel places science at the forefront of his coaching style. Self-proclaimed passionate of biomechanics, strength and conditioning, Marcel loves to keep up to date with the latest journals. He will challenge any fitness fads and trends. This stems from his Master’s degree in biomechanics for which he spent time researching studies, understanding the risks, and comparing the results.
One of Marcel's regular clients is over 100 years old. Marcel is confident to push him as he understands the limits of the body. Equally he knows where to draw the line.
Marcel will not only coach you but he will also arm you with valuable tips backed up with science; one piece of advice: do not be late. You may pay for it in push ups.

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