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Gold Lessons from a Champion

Have we met before? This is one question you will never ask Deb. Yes, when you meet her you are bound to remember her! One month after the Rio Paralympic 2016, we reflect on lessons from sports and fitness leaders,  such as Deb who thrive despite their disabilities.

2012 & 2015 Ultimate Pole Champion in the  International Pole championship, the "one-armed-wonder from down under" needs no introductions. Between her busy schedule teaching pole dancing, Pilates, different types of yoga, and her public speaking commitments, Deb is invited to perform in various events including the integrated circus, extraordinary bodies, international pole championships, Las Vegas Pole Expo,  Pole classic. Several articles have been published about her inspiring journey. We wanted to share some of our her favourite quotes , as well as the quotes that inspire her:

  • “...injury is a fantastic teacher” she admits.
  • “Anything you can breathe through, you survive…”  she encourages students to hold difficult poses and build their will to fight- to be courageous… “we don’t’ get resilience unless we face adversity”.
  • “Don't let anyone tell you what you can and can not do”.  You only know how much strength is in you! ”  No matter what the obstacles are, Deb believes in showing up and going for it.
  • “...because that’s what my body liked”.   She advises to challenge your body but not to breaking point . Deb has now reduced her long distance running after realising she was spending so much at time at the physio. Yoga showed her what her body could and couldn’t do. Despite being challenged by asthma, allergies, eczema Deb found her balance.
  • “I’ve removed my limitations” she inspires us  and  reminds us the truth in  Henry Ford’s saying: whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.    “The story you tell yourself is the one you believe” . Deb was raised to run the show.
  • About her favourite fitness equipment:
    • “The pole! In my classes, I don’t use any equipment, I do mat work, your focus, your breath, keeping your T-zone- very technical- It’s about my students owning their body and their experience.”

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