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DSC_0779-Dan-dumbel-660_705DSC_0788-Dan-splits-for-OTT-p1Dan is the ultimate coach. His influence certainly stretches beyond the personal training courses. His approach is summarised in the law of attraction where a determined and a defiant mental aptitude, is a foundation to achieve goals. This is not only what he preaches but also what he practices when preparing for a competition, from Arnold Classic to Mr. Olympia amateur.
Dan’s clients keep coming because they not only benefit from the fitness support but they also have a nutrition expert. We learned from him during the afternoon of the photoshoot: habits, snacking, dietary discipline for cardio and how the latter differs to resistance training. Dan believes recognizes when his input has been fruitful when the person he trains gains independence. The first proof of this fact? Wife Alaura trained with him and went on to become a successful trainer herself.
Weight loss and nutrition, fitness modelling, competition coaching, body sculpting and bodybuilding are his strongest points.

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