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Alaura's incredible fitness journey started when she was a teenager. Regular jogs helped her trim down 3 sizes but she did not feel toned. The truth is she wasn't building any muscles.

Curious, she found inspiration from various sources on social media, as you do. The breakthrough happened when she met Dan. She discovered the importance of nutrition, the myths and misconceptions behind bodybuilding especially for women. “Yes we all want to tone up but being toned is all about muscle definition." OTT admires Alaura’s determination and work ethics. We love how she started training in October for her first competition and won first prize 6 months later.

(OTT) asked her: How would you summarize your training style?
Alaura (A): Being C-R-E-A-T-I-V-E. Let social media inspire you but don’t just copy what you see!
I believe in enjoying what you do despite the sweat. Remember to have fun.

OTT: What keeps your clients coming back?
A: I give explanations for each instruction. I give my clients a choice. The decision ultimately lies with them. Reciprocally, my clients own their accomplishments and results. I make myself available I often get a text from clients regarding diets and meal plans. Nine times out of ten I find there is temptation for some unhealthy options.

OTT: What is the commonest goal your clients want to achieve?
A: Weight loss, weight loss, weight loss.
Supporting someone in their weight loss journey is most rewarding.
There is always a reason for being overweight. Achieving a weight loss goal is like having a life changing surgery, it means leaving your old self behind.

OTT: What Advice do you have for someone who wants to get into training?
A: Don’t believe in fads for face value; Get a recommended trainer who has researched and studied the area of expertise you would like to get support in.

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