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A Few Words About Us

One Top Trainer aims to showcase the fitness industry’s most desirable personal trainers and coaches. Who’s a Top Trainer? Anyone who
• inspires you,
• pushes you to achieve the fittest version of yourself
• or simply made you break the sweat of your life, is likely to be One.

At One Top Trainer, there is no self-registration or fees. The only currency we accept is your vote. Every trainer featuring on this page has been nominated and recommended by you. The primary mission of OTT is to recognise, promote and reward the best personal trainers, instructors and coaches in the UK. To Trainer of the Week award is testimony of the hard work invested by each trainer. It aims to make them feel as awesome as they make us feel after a good work out.


The Team

  • KADY

    Kady is the sporty one. Before settling in London…


    Milton is amongst other things a photographer. In his…

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What people say about us

The photoshoot is so professional. I'm so impressed & honored..

Jane Featured Trainer

I voted for my coach because although he's mad he helps me get the results. It's all about the fitness family.

Mark OTT member

My personal trainer is an absolute legend! Although she's mean in class, I wouldn't have reached my svelt figure without her! Great idea to have this site!

Emma Fitness Addict